The Baby In Yellow

What harm can there be in baby-sitting a charming toddler? That is, unless this toddler is possessed! Step into the shoes of a terrified nanny trying to deal with demonic fits of the baby she’s in charge of and see if you can survive!

A baby like no other!

This game is all about a strange baby in a yellow onesie, lurking in the shadows. This isn’t your ordinary cute and cuddly kid. Oh no, this little tyke has a mischievous side that will send shivers down your spine.

Your goal is simple (or maybe not so simple): survive the night while avoiding the baby in yellow’s clutches. This isn’t your typical diaper-wearing, innocent cherub. No, no, no. This baby has a knack for going supernaturally ballistic when you least expect it, leaving you gasping for breath and scrambling for safety.

Stay alive and save the kid!

As you explore the, be prepared for heart-pounding encounters and bone-chilling moments. You’ll need to navigate through creepy hallways, solve puzzles, and unravel the mystery behind the baby in yellow’s haunting presence.

The graphics in Baby in Yellow are hauntingly atmospheric, with shadows dancing across the walls and a sense of unease that lingers in every corner. The sound design is equally spine-tingling, with creaking floorboards and eerie whispers keeping you on high alert. So take up your creepy nanny job with nonchalance and dignity, make it through the night and maybe you’ll even be able to save the poor kid!

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