Fall Guys

The game belongs to the battle royale genre, where you have to compete with rivals in various mini-games. A certain number of players are going to pass, including several dozen characters. They are immersed in equal conditions, where they have a limited set of actions, and they are required to complete the task. The field of performing a certain task is chosen the fastest, those who managed to survive, who saved their lives, who stood on the platform. Each level has its own limiter, how many people can go to the next stage. The rest are eliminated, but can take part in competitions with new players in another race. At the next stage, they have to perform another task. There can be only one winner in such a race, but participation will be interesting for everyone.

What attracts the game

There is a fairly low entry threshold, since the player can only move in any direction, as well as jump. With such a small arsenal of actions, he can avoid obstacles, dodge them, bypass unstable platforms and jump over pits.
Tasks almost constantly change with each race. This applies to both the starting race and subsequent levels. When you enter the game, you never know what awaits you there. You don’t have to be the first in everything. It is enough to hold out longer or come to the finish line faster than other players.

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