Floating Sandbox

The game is an interactive simulator in which physics is well developed and takes into account many real features that affect the behavior of the ship on the water. All damage mechanisms are displayed here, and all this is done quite realistically. Everything is shown in two-dimensional graphics, but this does not negate the high level of realism of what is happening. Thus, the game is of great interest to many players.

Game features

Here you can explore the behavior of objects that are in the water. For this, the player is offered a lot of interesting opportunities. Initially, you need to create a ship with which you will later interact. After that, truly unique opportunities open up that you will not find in other games.

Despite the fact that the graphics may seem primitive at first, the authors focused on the realism of behavior. This is fully displayed not only in the behavior of the vessel on the water, but also in the surrounding sounds. All this creates a special atmosphere.

This is a universal virtual simulator that represents the position of rigid bodies that have real physical characteristics. When creating new objects for research, it is important to take into account all the nuances so that the built ship can hold out on the water. Otherwise, it can immediately go to the bottom, roll over, crack in half from strong mechanical stress.

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