Only Up 3

We all know the earth is round now, the sky dome is nothing but an illusion, and it’s actually just a very thick layer of atmosphere gradually dissolving into the vacuum of space, nothing magical here. But one can’t be held back from dreaming! In this colorful, adventurous and a little bit childish game, you’ll embark on an ambitious trip into the sky, as high as you can reach – and who knows what you might discover over there!

Hike the skies and touch the clouds!

Your journey in Only Up 3 will be long, exciting and daring. To achieve your goal, you’ll have a plethora of objects and aircrafts at your disposal to ascend to dizzying heights and explore the boundless skies. Imagine swinging from cloud to cloud on a rope like a fearless acrobat. With a flick of your wrist, you’ll latch onto one of those ropes dangling either from some funicular cart or a flying balloon and soar through the air with the grace of a bird.

The third chapter of Only Up now also features an even wider variety of various platforms, both static and moving, and bridges, both solid to step on and swaying treacherously under your feet. These aerial passages are your ticket to traversing the sky in style. Picture yourself making daring leaps from one bridge to another, feeling the adrenaline rush through your veins. Think of playing hopscotch in the clouds, with each leap taking you higher and higher!

Make it as high as possible and don’t fall!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Since the main hero is a kid, how can we go without thrilling aerial slides and tube tunnels taking you through the sky faster than the subway? And since the tubes are almost all transparent, you can also enjoy the view below in the process! Once in a while, you can also hop aboard a colorful balloon and float effortlessly meters or even kilometers up and away. The world below becomes a miniature marvel, and you’re the king or queen of the clouds. It’s like having your personal floating kingdom, where the sky is your playground!

But beware, little adventurer, for the sky isn’t all rainbows. You’ll encounter mischievous birds that will do everything in their power to knock you off track. And those same balloons and zeppelins that have proven so useful for covering long distances may well play a bad trick on you if you’re not agile enough. So, my friend, grab your ropes, leap onto that bridge, hitch a ride on a helicopter and prepare for the sky-high adventure of a lifetime in Only Up 3! Good luck!

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