Minecraft Classic

As the name implies, this is the classic version of the Minecraft game, which has undergone a number of changes throughout its existence. You will go to a world that is closest to what the first players saw when the game was just gaining popularity. This version was created to celebrate the decade of the original project. Since technology has gone far enough for all time, this version is available to everyone in the browser version without the need for installation. It is worth noting that the developers tried to preserve the classic spirit as much as possible, so they also left here those bugs that were fixed in subsequent versions.

The essence of the game

If we consider the essence of the game, then practically no changes have occurred here. You are still going to an uncharted place where monsters will hunt you at night, and in the daytime you need to do everything necessary to build a defense against them. At the same time, other players can interfere with you by destroying structures or robbing you by finding a chest with accumulated property. You can play alone or invite your friends to explore the new world together.

The main tool in the game is the pickaxe, which the player can use to mine materials. You can combine everything you need to create new objects, materials. The game is open to various experiments and is suitable for those who play it for the first time.

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