Rainbow Friends

Have you ever heard of Rainbow Friends? Well, in this game, you’re about to learn all about them the creepy way! Get ready for an eerie survival adventure in an old ride park where you’re all alone and up against a bunch of evil monsters!

Who are Rainbow Friends?

In Rainbow Friends, you’re a brave kid who finds themselves trapped in an amusement park at night. But hold on tight, because this place is teeming with mischievous and evil Rainbow Friends! As you navigate the deserted alleys, prepare for a thrilling chase. Do your best to dodge and outsmart these wicked Rainbow Friends. They’re colorful, they’re sneaky, and they’re determined to keep you from escaping. But fear not, because you’re armed with wit, cunning, and a touch of crazy to outmaneuver them at every turn!

Escape the park and survive!

The amusement park becomes your playground, a surreal and whimsical world waiting to be explored. As you venture through the darkened rides and attractions, keep your eyes peeled for essential items that will aid in your escape. Maybe you stumble upon a flashlight to pierce the shadows, or discover a key that unlocks hidden paths. It’s like a scavenger hunt of epic proportions, where each discovery brings you one step closer to freedom. So let the horror adventure begin! Don’t let Rainbow Friends get to you and make it out of the scary park before they have a chance to lay their clawed paws on you!

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