Only Up Unblocked

Remember that wacky and tough game, Getting Over It, that everyone kept playing and talking about? The concept seems to have taken root, and now there is another project like this to check out – only way more colorful, exciting and with a pinch of childish charm! Only Up will challenge you to reach the skies and ascend even higher, with stunning views to marvel at, lots of tricky obstacles to overcome and lots of cool aircrafts to ride. So let’s go – or rather, fly!

There’s no harm in dreaming!

If you used to ask your parents why the sky is blue, and what’s beyond the clouds, and how planes fly, and are the sun, the moon and the stars really very, very big, only very, very far away, and stuff like that – this game is for you! In Only Up, you won’t get any of those boring, scientific answers, totally void of wonder and magic. No, you’ll embark on a totally special journey into the realm of birds, balloons and airplanes, into the very heights of the blue abyss over our heads. And it’s going to be as wild and fabulous as you can imagine!

Rise above the ground and conquer the skies!

You’ll start from the ground. Running stairs, climbing ladders, hanging on ropes and crossing bridges – we’ve all done that. But how about hitching a dizzy balloon ride? Or taking a leap of faith right onto that passing zeppelin, not knowing whether you’ll land there or crash to the ground? Or even dangling upside down from a helicopter, all shaking and quaking as it struggles with the wind? Say nothing of those incredible aerial tubes and head-spinning slides that can make you scream and giggle at the same time! So let’s remember what it’s like to be a kid and to dream like there’s no tomorrow! It’s a real adventure, and you’re right in the middle of it. Enjoy the sky in Only Up unblocked!

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