Subway Surfers Beijing

The game is a classic runner in which the player does not stop for a moment, as he is being chased by a railroad depot guard. The protagonist was illegally painting graffiti on trains and adjacent property when he was spotted by security. In order not to be caught, the character starts to run forward. He is faster than his pursuers, but there are many obstacles in his way that will have to go around, run around, slip under them, etc.

Game features

Unlike the classic representative of the series, here the main action takes place in China. This had an impact on the musical design and some of the nuances of the design, but it had almost no effect on other aspects of the game. You all also send on the subway run, where you have to face trains, barriers and other obstacles. At the same time, do not forget to collect coins, for which sometimes you have to choose the most risky routes.

The essence of the game is that you run forward and you constantly have to choose which of the three available railroad tracks. Some of them may be occupied by standing cars, some are active and a train can ride on them, and others will have fences that you will have to jump over or duck under them. At the same time, gold coins are scattered on the way, which will have to be collected in as many quantities as possible.

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