DEEEER Simulator

Embrace your inner deer and cause all sorts of mayhem in this crazy and hilarious simulator Imagine waking up one day as a deer with a mischievous streak. And he’s about to take it out on the unsuspecting humans!

Unleash some deer chaos!

As you roam the open-world environment, prepare for some wild and wacky encounters. Want to wreak havoc in the city? Go ahead and kick cars, headbutt pedestrians, and watch the chaos unfold. Fancy exploring the countryside? Frolic through the fields, scare farmers, and maybe even hitch a ride on a passing tractor. It’s like being a deer on a rampage, and it’s ridiculously fun!

But the craziness doesn’t stop there. In Deeeer Simulator, you have the ability to equip your hoofed character with all kinds of weapons. Fancy attaching a few rifles to your side, or even setting up a machine gun in your horns! And how cool does our deer look when he actually wields two pistols holding them with his hooves like a true super agent!

Crazy, fun, addicting!

The visuals in Deeeer Simulator are delightfully quirky and cartoonish, perfectly capturing the lighthearted and crazy nature of the game. The world is filled with vibrant colors, silly animations, and unexpected surprises at every turn. From causing mind-boggling accidents to engaging in silly battles, it’s a game that encourages you to let loose, have fun, and enjoy the sheer absurdity of it all. So get ready for a deer-licious adventure and ram your way to glory!

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