Happy Wheels

The game has quite interesting physics, which makes the passage unusual and creates even more obstacles for the player. The player needs to try to do everything more quickly and safely, struggling with the control and influence of objects located on the location. You have to drive on various types of wheeled vehicles an obstacle course consisting of deadly traps. Here you can crash from a height, run into spikes, you can be crushed by a platform and other objects. In this case, all damage is displayed on the character, and even if you are injured, you can still continue on your way, albeit not very efficiently. You will have to pay a high price for victory, since with each mistake your character will most likely die and literally every meter of the location will have to be studied by trial and error.

Briefly about the plot

You have to participate in competitions in which people on bicycles, wheelchairs, cars and other types of wheeled vehicles take part. For each of the characters you have to go through a section with obstacles, where mortal dangers can await. After the death of the character, you are reborn from the starting place and should already be prepared for what will happen next and how the mechanisms will behave in a particular area. At the same time, this will not save you from many attempts and replays in order to learn the track perfectly and not make mistakes anywhere. Each stage keeps in suspense and gives players something new.

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