Kick The Buddy

There is almost no plot in the game, but there are a lot of other features that may interest players. Kick the buddy is more about having fun and for this it offers players a whole range of different features that are not found in other games. You have to mock Buddy, using various types of items for this, which can be very painful for the character or even deadly. He has several ways to protect against your actions, but he is in a confined space, so if you apply all available options to him, then sooner or later he will come to an end.

How to play?

You find yourself alone with Buddy, who is a body enclosed in screen space. You are given a menu with various types of items, including weapons. By selecting them and placing them inside, you can observe how the character interacts with them. Having released insects or any larvae, you will watch as Buddy tries to get away from them while they are looking. In some cases, poisonous gas can be used against him. A character can have a gas mask, but it doesn’t protect against everything.

You will have to buy almost all the tools for torture and murder for the internal game currency. The bigger and deadlier the thing, the more it will cost. Therefore, at first you will only have access to an arsenal of relatively weak tools, which can then be replenished with more interesting options.

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