Obby Blox Parkour

The game offers to go through difficult tracks with the help of parkour on the Roblox platform. Here you play as a character who needs to get from one point to another using different platforms. If at the very beginning you have to jump over identical tiles that are on the same level and not far from each other, then the further you go, the more difficult and interesting the tasks will become. Platforms can change their position, be at different distances, which requires a more careful and competent approach to assess the distance.

How to play?

A limited set of commands is available for you to pass, thanks to which you can move forward or backward to gain more acceleration, as well as jump. In this case, conditions often change, since it is necessary to accurately calculate the landing point. If you don’t hit the platform, you will fall down and crash.

A rather interesting and convenient system of check-points has been invented here. If you fall off the platform and lose before you get to the coveted badge, then you will have to start all over again. If you managed to check in at the save location, then now you will start all attempts from the last checkpoint.

The progress of the passage is displayed as a percentage in the upper right corner. Each section may have new figures that can be used for parkour.

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