Stumble Guys

The game belongs to the battle royale genre with fairly local rules, where each player has a chance to break forward, since all heroes are on an equal footing. Level after level, you need to overcome various challenges that change over time. Each level is a mini-game with only a limited number of winners. If you have passed this number, then you get a chance to move further, for which you need to win the competition again.

You continue to play with the same characters that came from the first test. Therefore, with each level, the competition increases and you have to compete with the best, until in the end there is only one left. At each stage, the player will have to show his maximum, taking risks, but at the same time acting as accurately and clearly as possible in order to get around his rivals.

What tasks will you have to complete?

The game consists of several competitive mini-games. These can be races on an obstacle course, where you will be pushed by lanes, interfere with the passage of a pit, various climbs and narrow sections will interfere. You will also have to walk on platforms, some of which will fall, but you don’t know which ones. Only by taking risks and moving forward can you reach the finish line faster than others. You will also meet other mini-games in which you have to show your full dexterity and ingenuity.

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