Sonic Frontiers

The game is an exciting and dynamic platform game and the first open world game in the Sonic universe. The main character goes to explore the Starfall Islands. There are several biomes in the world with different environments, fields, designs. Each of the biomes brings its own characteristics to the gameplay. There is both an exploratory element inherent in games in the open world, and classic high-speed components. There are also preserved trips to the memories of the protagonist within the framework of cyberspace.

The plot of the game

Sonic’s main opponent, Dr. Eggman, visits the Starfall Islands in order to obtain ancient technologies that the inhabitants of this world had. They must help him achieve his insidious goals. To get what he wants, he uploads an AI called Sage into the portal. The portal is guarded by several defenders. The AI detects the threat and sends the doctor to the digital dimension.

In search of Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and his friends also travel to these islands. Together with the plane on which they moved, they are sucked into cyberspace, but the main character manages to get out, and he remains in the real world.

Next comes the classic scheme in which you have to look for chaos emeralds in order to save your friends and stretch out their cyberspaces. He also needs to destroy the titan robots that are on this island.

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