Smash Karts

This is a very dynamic and exciting game where you have to become the driver of a killing machine, on which you can put almost any weapon, including those designed for mass destruction. The problem is that your rivals are also drivers of such cars and pose a direct threat to you and your vehicles. Moreover, all events take place on a tropical island with waterfalls and other interesting places, and your characters are funny little animals. If this is not enough for you, then you should only try to launch and play this online battle on your own in order to understand all the advantages of this project.

How to play?

The main goal is to destroy as many players as possible. After they are hit, they respawn just like you. Accordingly, death does not mean the end of the game, but it will give a point to another player. There are crates with various weapons scattered around the map. Initially, you find yourself in a car without any shells and the main goal is to get them, along the way moving away from the cars of other players who can knock out a defenseless opponent.

After picking up any of the weapons, you can use it, but you can only activate it once. It can be a machine gun aimed at an opponent, a salvo of missiles, a bomb, mines, spikes to protect the hull. When using one weapon, you should immediately go for the next. The more players you match, the more chances you have to win.

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