Getting Over It

The game is quite an exciting adventure for those who are ready to face a serious challenge. Here you have to play for a man named Diogenes. He is in a large pot, and in his hands is a large hammer, which you can control. This does not stop the character from advancing through rather difficult and difficult areas. You have to make your way through a mountainous area with high cliffs and cliffs, where trees and various buildings can sometimes be found. All this can be used for support and further advancement. Since the main character cannot walk, all movements will have to be done only with the help of the movement of the hammer.

Gameplay Features

Movement in the game is its main feature, since the whole point of the passage is built on this. Hammer control is quite uncomfortable and unusual. To move normally, you will need to practice a lot, because otherwise even even simple areas will seem difficult and movement will be very slow. You can hook onto corners and different surfaces to swing, jump over certain places and perform other actions. With each new stage, the locations become more and more difficult and require more skills and patience from the player. With proper skill, everything can be completed in half an hour, but such a result cannot be achieved the first time, even if you act very quickly.

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