Pizza Tower

The game is a rather entertaining classic platform game where you, as a chef of a pizzeria, have to explore a mysterious castle. Many ingredients have been stolen and now they need to be searched for in a dangerous and unfamiliar place. To do this, you have to go to the dark and gloomy rooms of an ancient castle, where ghosts, monsters and mold come to life. All this threatens the character and can harm, so you need to be very careful when passing the location will help restore the life of the lost ingredients for pizza in the form of mushrooms, cheese, sausages.

Castle travel

A full-fledged mystical adventure awaits you with ghosts, secrets of the old castle and pizza. You get to a location with a choice of levels, each of which leads to a specific location of the castle. There are secret passages, stairs, abysses and insidious enemies that will not allow you to go further. You will also have to solve small puzzles, as in some places you can not go further without moving a barrel or other platform to get higher.

It is necessary to collect points in order to replenish health and return the lost. At first, there will be enough of them, but over time, the number of bonuses will begin to decrease, and the number of obstacles and enemies will increase. The player has access to movement in different directions, jumping and acceleration, with which you can defeat enemies on the ground.

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